Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let your old posts regain their breaths

ya, each and every post of your blog deserves equivalent ranks.

I am feeling the same for my blog itself!!!

Old Bricks need colors!
After writing continuously for days and days, gradually there develops a hierarchy between each of your posts.

The same standard can’t be maintained for each of them. If you peep in with courage, you’ll find a number of posts untouched for some reason.

They need your attention now, or they will just be a haste good for nothing except the trash can.

Lets have a Recap…
Now, lets look back at some earlier posts which didn’t scratch as much as you expected it to do so.
"Rediscover your old Posts"
Let us examine the reasons:-
# You might have rushed to write in a hurry which caused degradation in quality.
# Your conception in that particular topic was insufficient to reach the depth and make readers understand.
# You might have fluctuated your opinion about the post.
# Some key elements like title, formatting elevator pitch etc. might have been inappropriate.
# You might have induced wrong facts
# You might have made punctuation and grammatical mistakes

Dump the Cause! Cure it!
Let us not dig out further what made you go wrong as errors characterize human beings.

# Craft a new little. A title can be decider of your post being read or not.
# Elevator pitch’s the second key. Check if your opening lines were illusive or not. If not, change them to seductive ones.
# Carefully notice each of the comments left on the posts. Try to sort out standing in front of the mirror.
# Read your unhit posts more and more.
Go into depth. Understand itself and rewrite to make well.
# Proofread each of the posts at least once.
# I’m not undermining you but its not your fault to have a grammatical mistake. But even one of it can make your reader doubt your credibility.

Start scanning your archives now. Keep in mind, choose only those posts which according to you should have hit the readers but actually didn’t.

“Extract eggs from chicks! Don’t try a cock!!”

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