Monday, February 14, 2011

Launch a Blog using an Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch?
It is brief overview of a project product or service, not too subjective but attractive and short.

As the name suggests elevator pitch is something which has to be accomplished within the time that an elevator takes to reach its destination.

It is generally used for marketing a product or to launch a programme.

You may be wondering, why I am saying all these!!!!!

Well, everyone of you wants to create your own blog.

No doubt you are a master of letters and you’ve got a good hold on the language but still it requires something more to attract browsers to view your blog.

For this you may need an elevator pitch for marketing your blog. It will accelerate the traffic towards your blog as they know what to see and find in your blog.

Follow two norms:-
Don’t elaborate !! Inspire your viewers to know more!!

Be crystal clear about your blog, else you shouldn’t expect your viewers to know what to find in your blog.

Where to use your elevator pitch???
Make your tag line speak entirely what your blog is!

Your ‘About Us’ page is the one mostly viewed by new readers.

Strike it using an elevator pitch showing, why should they come back !!

In your office or parties, there are many real life conversations. Even on web you get to participate in a kind of popular debates and discussions. Use them to launch and discuss your blog.

Most of you must be having their business cards. Use an elevator pitch, so attractive using your mind that people remind you in the name of your blog.

Influence journalists to search their pitches when you have a thoughtful one for them to like and notice.

Influence other bloggers to write giving your story as an example. This will popularize you amongst new comers in this field.

Target people’s e-mails and create your signatures.

Don’t simply write your name but give an elevator pitch to focus their eyes upon your signature.

Use social media to foster your blog. Not only insist people to follow your blog but give sufficient reasons, why should they do so!!

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