Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rediscover your old Posts

Today’s lesson is all about recycling your old stuff and interlinking them to the new ones which you write.

It is an easy process, pretty similar to linking your posts.

But interlinking makes your readers spend more time revolving about your blog only rather than that of others.

Just 10 minutes to interlink pre-posts…
  • It is useful when a reader opens my blog and not only gets answers to his questions but some valuable suggestions, where to go and explore related topics.
  • Sometimes, in your new posts you may use a word or a phrase that you had elaborated in your earlier posts.
No need to re-explain!
Just make the each of the word a link to your old posts and in lieu get the reader whorled in your blog only, link after link……….
  • Search Engines go for the links within a blog parallel to links to other blogs to index and rank content.
  • Internal links lead to a considerable increase in page views as the visitor reads more than one page every time he opens your blog.

    Financially it may help you to earn more if you are running CPM (cost per impression) advertising.
  •  The next reason is simple as a person when views more than one page he is more likely to remember it or subscribe it, and may also become a loyal reader.
How will I add links to Old posts?
  • Just make a keyword in your post into a link that opens to some other post on the topic of that keyword.
  • Sometimes your posts become dated and need to be reconstructed.
All you have to do is write a replica on the same topic and leave a link in your earlier post to the new one.

“Don’t replicate the title of your previous post!!”
  • Further reading is an ample opportunity for you to make the readers read more.
Adding manually chosen links for further reading is the best option.

You may add suggested links both at the end and throughout the post itself.

Last Key:-
Always choose relevant keywords to the article you are linking to. It maximizes SEO benefits and will definitely make you flourish in Google.

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