Saturday, March 12, 2011

Keep yourself Anonymous till the brand is not promoted successfully

You may disagree with me... but what i feel is that a person should start a blog being anonymous for few month, if he wants to highlight his brand to the public. I know how personal branding is very essential for the blog promotion in social media but if you want to run a new blog harmlessly then keeping your identity secret is best option..

Blogger Identity Secret.
Many Debates took place on this topic for keep your identity secret at initial stage & there came 50-50 percent result... Some people wants personal branding, so they want to expose their identity & some prefer to keep their identity secret which keeps them an active blogger to concentrate more on content creation...

I'm one of them who believe that keeping the identity secret till the blog don't get in good position, is the best option.

Ya, personal branding can be easily done when the blog is raised up to a position where people will curiously search for the author of the blog & when the name releases, they are followed by many people. "Associating yourself with a popular name can easily make you popular". This doesn't work on Darren Rowse because he's already a popular person and when he release any site, it automatically gets good impression in front of thousands of people.

Another Demerit of Exposing identity at Initial blogging Stages..
There're some other demerits of exposing identity in the initial stages which are, many other bloggers may get jealous with your upgrading blog, they may even destroy your blog by report it as spam to Google for Search listing removal, they may even create a bad impression about your blog in the webosphere. Just keep in mind that, impression is one of the most important for doing online business.

This is the reason why i think, it's better to be silent about your identity exposure for first 3 month & just concentrate on the content creation.

Your readers will criticize you for not exposing your identity to them but when they will find good number of content.. they'll surely subscribe your blog without thinking who's blog it is?

Lets take an example of a popular blog whose author is still anonymous... so, does this blog have less subscribers? i think it has some thousand-k of subscriber & traffic per day.

Don't be hurry to expose you... Take the correct time and make yourself a web celebrity.

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