Wednesday, March 16, 2011

White Clear Easy Conversational Post

Blog Commenting is Conversational.
People love blogs because they get some practical knowledge based on a blogger's experience.

People Trust blogs because they can acquire those knowledge which are successfully performed by a blogger & has the enough experience to explain it in his post.

Blog Posts are far different than that of articles. Posts solves problem but article don't... Actually, what i want to say is that whenever you read any successful bloggers' blog, you'll find one thing common to all of them - they very friendly written.

"They Write as if they are talking & explaining the problem along with their experience".

Let me explain with an example,

Person#1: says that you can earn money from your blog by putting advertisement on it.
Person#2: says that after placing an advertisement in his blog, he received 315 clicks of 4,000 impression and earned $160 based on PayPerClick. Now, he suggest you to do the same on your blog to earn money.

Now you judge yourself, who's voice is the most trustworthy? Absolutely the Person#2. because he placed his own experience in front of you & guides you to do the same on your blog to earn money.

As, he has experience in that particular job... His readers will surely gain curiosity to ask him to help them out to do the same.. So, they can ask him the questions through the comment section. And because of his experience, he can easily explain the problems faced and his success secret through comment replies. The More Comment replies he gives based on his experience, the more he engage himself into the post discussion making it a conversational one.

When he developed a strong conversational post with his wise replies to the comments, he automatically gains the trust of the readers who are engaged in the discussion. He not only influenced those commentators but also going to influence the future readers who will go through the raw conversations in the post..

So, that's how & why a White Clear Easy Conversational Post is created.

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