Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Meet with a Real Blogger

There are millions of bloggers available all over internet and 30 percent of them make good amount of money.

I had face-to-face meet with many bloggers, but maximum of them are technology blogger. Yuk! they all produce same kind of content.. I also found some bloggers related to my niche, who writes about "blogging". Even i found some auto bloggers who releases the reviews of the "auto" related new bikes & cars but from all of them, one blogger was very unique.

Uniqueness attracted me.
He has a very unique thinking about blogging and i was really very impressed. I can call him a passionate blogger. He writes about "Bikes".. you may be thinking, what's the big deal about writing on bikes? but i must clear it that he has something unique in his blog.

Sharp voice for his Blog:
Before, we both began our conversation, he straight forwardly told me that his blog is special & i curiously asked him what's that special in a bike blog? - "I never found a bike related blog producing content other then reviewing the features of the new bikes"

Blog Uniqueness:
He told me that his blog is not about consumer auto blog, actually he writes about the daily requirement for maintaining a bike, everything from putting oils in the wheel to tightening up the strings of the brake. He try his best to explain each & every part of a bike, so that if any minor problem happens with your bike you can easily work out yourself without paying a penny to an engineer.

Not Monetized but got Great Authors:

He didn't yet monetized his blog because he wants to make it biker friendly. An interesting thing is that this blog has some great authors who are among the best bike riders & stunters. And all these authors don't contribute this blog for any revenue.. actually they are passionate about biking & love to write about it.

Experimental Posts:
After hearing such words from him, i couldn't stop myself to visit the blog & i'm really impressed by their experimental posts. Every Content present in the blog are their own created original content- right from the photos to the text.

And all the posts are based on hand-touch-experience .i.e. they completely made their blog naked to share the true experience of the bike maintainance.

The blog was looking like a community of biker more than a blog. Very Active!

So, i feel they are the real bloggers! Passionately doing the blogging about what they are interested in.

Atlast but not the least, another thing that impressed me a lot was his views behind personal branding. he didn't exposed his name even i have met him personally. So, i only know his username "Hunky". His blog Name is .

Great going Hunky!

"Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you." -T. Alan Armstrong

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