Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do an Experiment to Study Reader's Reaction

Apart from keeping your blog updated regularly, you need to monitor what's your reader's reaction after entering your page.

Just as a first impression can make a lot of difference in your blogging life.

Blog Experiment.
What you all need is a friend, mate or family person who has never seen your blog earlier and is even unaware of you being a blogger.
Set a computer in front of him.

Make him see what you’ve created…
· Load up your blog on his screen and let him solely concentrate for 5-6 minutes page after page.
· See how he navigates, where he clicks, note down each of the points.
· What portions he pauses to read, particularly which paragraphs he likes the most.
· The areas he oversee or ignore. Which pages he's most attracted by?

Interview Session!!!
Continue the above process for at least half an hour. Then sit with a coffee and start asking him questions:-

· His first impression about the blog. What did he assume your theme was?
· How was your page setup and design? Ask if it was easy to navigate.
· The questions that arose in his mind after seeing your blog.
· Ask him to give his words to describe your design.
· The things he particularly remembered after sometime.
· Finally, get his suggestions regarding your blog’s improvement.

Tally his response with your observations and make a report.

Preserve the report with care.

It feels great to get good comments from a new reader.

You become sure, it wasn’t a flattery!

But this task is like examining someone or rather examining yourself.

You have to be well prepared.

For this,
“Read a blog you have never heard before. Write a summary on the basis of the criteria stated above.”

Do this for at least 5 new blogs before you try on some one.

“Taste a sip before you serve the soup!”

Don’t get nervous. Awesome comments are on your way to come. May be tomorrow!!!

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