Friday, March 25, 2011

HOW TO: Create a Minimalist Template in Blogger Template designer

In compare to wordpress, many blogger says that blogspot don't have any attractive minimalist design... They are wrong! Now, you can create any type of design with your blogger template designer. So, today i'm gona show you the steps to design your own professional minimalist template design for your blogspot blog.

It's a HOW TO post and by just using the below instruction, you can create your own minimalist theme with the Blogger Template Designer.
Minimalist Template in Blogspot.

You open your Blogger Template Designer from the "design" option of your blogspot blog dashboard. And all you need to do is add the below instructed fonts & color to convert your blog into a minimalist template..

Firstly, you choose the simple white default blogger template, which's available at the Template Designer...

Lets start with the footer design...

Footer Design:

Add the deep grey color (#666666) in the Footer Text color & add whitish grey color (#eeeeee) in the footer background color.  Use (#dddddd) in shadow color!

Text Fonts and Color:

Keep your Font "Times Roman Now" to give it a touch of minimalist theme. And enlarge the text font to 20px for better view.

Date Header Text Color & Background Color:

Keep your header Text Color deep grey (#666666) & header background color light grey (#dddddd).

Link Colors:

Add Deep Grey (#666666) both in Link Color & visited Color but add light color in Hover Color.

Blog Background Colors:

Now its time for adding blog background... i.e. add (#eeeeee) color on Outer Background, same (#eeeeee) in Main Background & Keep the Header Background (Transparent).

Accent Colors (Separator Line Color & Border Line Color)

By adding color on the separator line, you can divide your sidebar from blog post body. So add (#dddddd) in Separator line Color & same color on Tabs Border Colors.

Blog Description Color:

You don't need this option, if you add a header image... otherwise, coloring blog description is needed. So, add (#666666) in your description color.

Blog Title Color & Font:

Last step, you add the font & color of the blog title. Make your Title appeal to the readers for reading rest of your content.
You keep the (Verdana) in the blog title font & title color should be (#5d5d5d).

If you apply the above mention colors & fonts on your blog, then you can transform your simple blogger template into an awesome & reader friendly minimalist template.

If you're unable to create it, then you can download the exported xml of this template. here's the Template.

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