Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to write a List Post?

Learn through Examples!

I hope many of you are familiar with the method of writing lists or schedule of your daily works.

So, it is better not to dig in details but to learn from some examples which will help you to explore similar though new ways to write your post to make your blog better.

“17 tips for new programmers…”
It is a general post including a lot of topics. Going further deep into it, each of them can be expanded into individual posts, if needed.

“Latest Racing Games for PC’s & PSP’s……..”
This list is highly appreciated as it can be updated everyday maintaining the sequence of products that are launched successively.

Like the latest version of a game will be more highlighted than the older ones.

Below each subject, (Game in this case) there can be brief details about its system requirements and configuration.

“16 blog pages every blogger should read…”
This caption is useful like anything when you are writing for new bloggers.

It contains links and if necessary a briefing about that particular blog post.

It has been found to be quite efficient to capture the eyes of the viewer.

“15 ways to make out some work from social media…”
These type of posts have been found to contain points helping people to utilize their time better on the web.

To grasp more you may refer to our article on-

How to utilize your Internet Hours?
Updated on February, 2011.

It is one of the best examples under this category.

“Web-Design Process from beginning to end.”
It is an algorithm of a certain process which may surely magnetize a section of people interested in web-designing.

But below this caption, there should be well arranged set of points and not an essay which may deviate the reader from your blog.

Some Additional Tips, since you are writing for a blog…

Whenever you are stuck for ideas you should stop thinking and go to or and read the stories in them and notice their list posts. We too have some articles like

“Ways to keep a regular blog post frequency”
Which will surely assist you a lot in getting ideas.

Many a times, it happens that some points which we think, we can’t end up writing each of them.

Sometimes one merges with the other or gets omitted.

So, its better to prepare your points well off before starting to write, as it will bring out the best of your ideas.

Hence, try out writing list posts from today itself !

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