Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Build List Post for Catching the Readers Eye

Why List Posts?
It's hard to find a reader in this era of oceans of blogs, who is very energetic and enthusiastic in going through a content word by word.

Here comes the use of list posts!
It makes them free to choose their topics of interest and go into further details on that rather than searching throughout the paragraph.

List Posts make each point distinct than in an essay pattern. Each sentence has its beginning and end. This prevents the reader from getting into dilemma of, which one to read!

Also lists are visually luminous and encourages the reader to dig more.

Lists also help to throw an argument or an overview of an idea, especially merits and demerits of a subject.

The reader is more convinced to see the no. of points instead of big long summaries.

Lists are mostly preferred by journalists as they quickly ignite a comparison between two or more different issues and thus scatter throughout the web.

List Posts are the most effective when your blog is a tutorial or training one. The readers are more into steps rather than a long algorithm.

But remember, your list posts must be short!!

The reader may get frustrated to see your essay simply fragmented equally into tens of sentences each in the form of a list!!!

Example of List Post
There shouldn’t be anything more than a list in the post. The title should be introduced in the topic and it should describe what it actually is!

Often numerical digits are effective to capture the attention of readers as ,

“16 Days to tour Europe.”

Headings can also be called list posts. The beginning of any line is a list post inspiring the readers to scroll down and see more.As,

“10 steps to create your homepage.”

Lists are the best way to break up your content as other bloggers trying for a particular thing in your blog will directly get the link.

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