Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Older is your Domain, the better it is.

Maximum bloggers leave their blog halfway and give some common reasons like they are unsatisfied with the blog domain name..

Ya, it's true that maximum bloggers have the tendency of starting a new blog leaving the old one backward because of the lack of planning.. I even did that same mistake in past.

Start Planning before starting a blog.

Some Common Reasons for changing of blog domain name?
Actually, there are many reasons given by bloggers... Here below are few of them:

1. They don't like the name as it sounds boring.

2. They make their blog design unorganised & so they again want to start up with a new blog along with a clean design, but i think it even don't solve their problem because their design again gets unorganised.

3. They feel like as if their domain name got bad reputation around the blogosphere and they need to change it for starting a new one.

4. They sometime mistakenly covers different type of articles of different topic which they afterward feel like they haven't maintained the rules of niche blogging.

These above reasons are very natural among the bloggers...

If these above reasons are buzzing in your mind or even if you have commited all the above mistake then please don't be hurry in changing your blog domain name.. Wait a little and think about it!

What you can do?
These are not at all big problems.. You don't mind all these small mistakes like boring domain name, unorganized design, bad reputation & breaking the rules of niche blogging. Actually, these only comes when you think negatively... Always be positive!

Let Discuss two of them deeper:
Bad Reputation:
Reputation fluctuates... If you think that your blog reputation has gone bad online because of your bad content then don't discourage yourself. You try out creating more good content because if you can create 70% of good contents, then you can put a black sheet above those bad content to cover it down.

Breaking Niche blogging rules:
Believe me, none of the popular blogs had followed the full blogging rule.
Keep in mind, "Rules are meant for breaking" ;P Lol! I was just kidding... Actually, you must follow blogging rules but if you have broken it anyhow, no matter. Without breaking of rules, you can't improve yourself.

After all, i just want to say that don't change your domain name because as it gets older & older, it becomes more costlier. The oldest domain name you have, the most trustful it becomes in the eye of search engine as well as your readers.

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