Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post

Sometimes, even on launching your blog with efficient techniques, it becomes difficult to drag regular traffic.

Then you have to be more specific and do something to introduce your new posts to the readers.

Here comes the concept of promotion of a blog post !!

The following are 10 ways to promote your blog post:-

Don’t do this for every post but the selected ones only!!!

Other Bloggers are there! Pitching them is a good idea!!

You may connect with other bloggers to link up your posts.

That is, in your article you create a link to his blog and ask him to do the same for your blog.

So many special networks are there!
You may definitely make the use of sites like twitter,facebook and linkedin to share your link.

Don’t exclusively keep on posting links about your blog, but at times choose the hot topics and seed the link to your friends.

You may not get an initial boost of traffic but it will grow as your blog grows powerful.

Link in your own site !!
Before thinking of any other media of launching your post you can interlink your own site about your newly launched post.

You may create columns and separate wings to highlight “Latest Posts to catch the eye of the reader."

E-mail News !
It is always the best method to have an email newsletter, so that you may shoot out an email regarding your new post as the users who check their e-mails regularly will get a chance to visit your blog if they have interest in your latest post.

Comment and discuss on other blogs….
Choose some popular blogs of your niche. Read them well.

Join their forum and discuss regularly on their respective posts. Comment on each of them.

Laterally you may paste the link of your blog asking “for further details……….”

This method is quite efficient only if the comments and discussions are relevant and highly appreciable.

While you create an e-mail !
You may use your e-mail signature that is, whenever you email someone, paste the link of your blog.

But in this case instead the link of your blog, you can paste the links of your latest posts.

To be continued...

You can add the new post starting from the old one where you perhaps left it.

This way you can build the momentum by interlinking your posts and thereby attract viewers.


The posts which you think are of great quality and well admired by readers, you can fund a small kind of advertisement.

Adwards and StumbleUpon are good options!

Campaign your blog!

Capture Mainstream Media.
Your new posts should be relevant with what most of the people are thinking about in the world. It is not at all advisable to propagate each blog everyday.

Article Marketing !!
I won’t recommend posting the same article used to article marketing sites as it may fetch you a problem with Google.

Though you may find bloggers repeating their key articles for marketing.

So, start selecting amongst your recent posts and promote some of them only which you think are the best ones.

Go Ahead !!!

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