Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Utilize Your Internet Hours?

1. I have only 15 minutes:-
· First (2) minutes check your e-mails
· Next (5) minutes to reply or create only essential e-mails.
· (6) minutes for social networking. Reply to messages, write on posts.

Ø Got to upload photos, chat some other day
· (2) minutes to browse vital information, as new researches, stock markets, new albums or anything else related to your fields of interest.
Ø Be fast dude. If you like a page, save it or else you will end up reading a single one, though in a nutshell.

2. Just half an hour???
· Go thorough to your e-mails for first (4) minutes. Try to avoid commercial ones.
· (6) minutes to reply. If you want to reply in details reply only one or two that are necessary.
· (3) minutes to check the news updates,view the blogs and anyways twitter is an inevitable option.
· Next (5) minutes to check your posts/scraps on your social; networking websites and reply subsequently.

· (3) minutes to chat if you wish or add your favourites (e.g. facebook apps) .

· (3) more minutes to go for latest technology updates, may be cellphones or computers or any type of gadgets.
· (6) minutes to go relax. Youtube is mostly preferred site. Listen to your favourite songs. Its there endless on the internet.

Ø If you want songs then download them. Its better. You don’t have much time dear.

3. I’m allowed 1 hour a day:-
· (8) minutes to eye upon your inbox.
· (15) minutes!!! Reply in details if you can type fast.
· (10) minutes to check posts, use applications ,upload photos and videos on facebook.
· (5) minutes… enough to chat.
· (6) minutes to access to crucial information, job related topics, science, arts or achievements.
· (4) minutes to go through the days’ news.
· (12) more minutes left! Isn’t it enough to express your wisdom?!!! Then go for Blogging. If you are a beginner, there are lots of blogs out here for you to start. Just go through them well. It’s the best way to begin…….

Ø There are certain blogs specifically containing the entire worlds’ current headlines and sub-news.

Ø So, save your (4) minutes!!! Go for blogs indiscriminately if you are interested .

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