Friday, March 4, 2011

Highlight a key page on your blog

Common sense says that it is impossible for a new reader to judge or like your blog after reading all the pages in it.

Highlight a key page
And by any chance a page slightly shaky, may lose him his momentum and make the reader close your page and never come back again.

Here comes a question,

“What are the most significant pages on your blog?”

So, let’s find out the key pages on your blog and send them an update:
My face! Oh!! My homepage!!!
  •  You have a variety of options to update your homepage starting from complete makeovers through to tweaks.
Does this seem a challenge?
Well let me suggest some shorter ideas
  •  A first impression inspires the reader come to your homepage again.
    Check if your title tags, headline strongly communicate with your readers.
    Your two lined elevator pitch should speak in the virtue of you entirely.
  •  All of you must be having a sidebar. It is often seen that readers are puzzled by so many cluttered options.
    Wipe them out keeping indeed important information and links there.
  •  As every institute has a logo, you may be having a logo for your respective blogs.
    If you don’t have better create one as it is a refresh without doing a full redesign.
  •  Your homepage should be appealing besides being attractive.
    Write in brief, what your aim is and why you want to blog.
About me???
  •  It is the one which you have to think a lot over time before developing.
    Though generally in a blog, “About Us” page receives least traffic.
  •  This helps the readers to verify if your site is of any worth to them.
  •  It also makes other people like Potential Partners, advertisers, collaborators, journalists, PR people, other bloggers think if they should invest time in building a relationship with you.
Spotlight of traffic!
  •  Concentrate on the pages gaining most of your traffic.
    It is the collective result of SEO tracking, social media links and obviously your writing skills.
  •  Google Analytics or Wordpress’s native stats do reveal the pages visited most.
    They are good peaks or gateways where potential new loyal readers are entering your blog.
  •  After identifying, suggest further reading links at the end of each post.
  •  Invite readers for a subscription to your blog.
The motto of today’s post is for you to captivate the mind of a new reader everyday.

Some more pages like “Advertise with us”, “recommend reading” and “Subscribe” are areas where you need to work upon .

Be selective! Polish the brighter diamonds!!

Don’t go all out!

A few 10 effective posts can give you a 1000 of loyal readers……

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