Friday, March 4, 2011

Hangout at mall and sharpen your writing skills

Get out of your house!

Go for shopping!!

Hold on!!!

It is obvious on your part to think, if the Mackgon guys have gone mad.

What sort of relations can shopping have with blogging?

Give me a second. Let me explain.

Bored of blogging??? Don’t worry try this………….
Ø Get out of your blog a bit and experience other things which in the long run might help you in your blogging.

Ø Isn’t shopping a cool idea??? Yes, going out for a hangout will definitely relax you and help you not to burden your blog upon yourself.

Agenda? Nil! Groceries?? Surely not!!
  • Look out who are there and what they are doing.
What are they buying??
  • Check out the products purchased by most of the people, the products in high demand.
  • Carefully examine aspect of people’s attitude before buying a product, especially how to come to that decision.
  • The activities of the retailers to capture the attention of customers.
  • The colors ruling the market.
What are the ‘hot’ designs?
  •  Try to detect the techniques used by the staff to foster the sales of their items.
How is their performance?
  •  Half an hour at maximum! Don’t loiter more.
Now slowly go for a coffee and rewind what you have noticed today.

See if you can implement one or two in your blogging.

This process may look cumbersome or out of your way, but believe me, it is our key of success.

A prevention from writer-block situation, where a blogger is frustrated after writing too much and subsequently gives up writing for his blog.

Don’t let yourself feel imprisoned!

Be consistent, be free!

Enjoy blogging!!

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