Saturday, March 5, 2011

A male and female blogger! Wow! What a combination???

Please don’t strictly adhere to the heading!!!
Do collaborate with someone to blog, find your blog buddy.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will reject to accompany a quality blogger just as he or she might not be of your contrasting gender, nor should you force your spouse or fiancé to be your co-blogger.

Select enthusiastic bloggers to share your journey.

A little compromise with your ego and belief of self-sufficiency can grow your blog at the latest.

A couple of hands sound a louder clap!
# It may get you quicker feedback on posts, prior to pressing the button “publish.”
# After all you have a person to consult in all your good and bad times.

Force a project to completion together.
# Share each other’s posts amongst yourselves and between other bloggers.
# Motivate each other when in any case one of you falls in a writer-block situation or might not be getting aspired traffic.
# Most importantly share daily links and thereby grow up both your blogs.

Advice not awareness!!
# Try to be beneficial to each other. Co-blogging is a two way give and take process.

Contribute equally, share your benefits.
# It is always useful to get your co-blogger of the same niche you are writing.
You may not know what interesting topics are going in your buddy’s mind.

# Find bloggers having a reputation pretty similar to that you have in the blogosphere.
It is no harm to bind with a more popular blogger than you but working with a blogger of your level, who is sharing the same benefits and challenges as you are will be always powerful, as two unified minds can join to sort out your common problems and make your respective blogs better.

# Help hands to make each others’ blog better.
You should always have a positive and constructive attitude towards your friend’s blog.

“Then only you can expect the same on his part”

There is a famous quote by Stephen Covey :-
“Synergy is the highest activity of life; it creates new untapped alternatives, values and exploits the mental, emotional and psychological differences between people.”

The moral of the story is,
no matter how well you write, how many page views you have daily, combining with more bloggers will definitely increase your fame and skills, not divide or diminish it.

“One bird sole sky! Two mates fly high!!"

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