Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What a Good Content Mean to a Reader

Good Content!
 I had to deal with many expert and foolish answers to the same question as a good content is the one which is written in great blogs, the one which has most page views, and even the one which is based on the subjects I like. I do not disagree totally with the experts who gave me those replies, but on carefully thinking or rather summing up all the answers from bloggers who are well known to have written thousands of good contents I came to specify some habits which I'm sure all of us will agree to inculcate to add more and more good comments to our blogs...

1.Be sure about grammar and language
I've seen over years that some of my posts which I feel should have hit high didn't do the same as I forgot to proofread them.Some small grammatical mistakes and spelling errors often makes our reader doubt our knowledge. So you need to be a bit careful about that though on the other side of this I've also seen many articles , some great ones contain small mistakes but whole fully acknowledged and appreciated by a lot of people.

2.Write exclusive from your mind
My first blog lesson makes me remind the best part of it. It went, "Write not to replicate but to diversify the web." I duly agree with it. We should always try to add something which strikes our mind and not of any others'.A good content always contains something new,fresh and unique. It may be any new recipe you found out or any kind of interesting process or algorithm useful to the people.

3.Fill up confidence in your content
When you know anything perfectly then only you can tell or share it with others.When your concept is clear then you are ready to face any question on that topic then only you can write a good content. It should reflect your confidence and agreement to each line of your post. Even when you are new on a topic, your accent and attitude should be no less than like that of an expert. Your style of writing should swipe away all your flaws of knowledge.

4.Take in account only loyal readers
When I started dragging traffic to my blog I used to be satisfied to see the numbers in K's. But then I found that most of them were passive ones, as they didn't stay at any particular post for a long time, leaving no remarks or comments.The rest of them who are termed loyal in the language of web, did stick to a handful ones and read them enthusiastically. These posts are the actual good ones. A huge number of readers doesn't mean your text is good but your heading is attractive. So we should always try to demarcate our contents on the basis of loyal readers and not the casual ones.

5.Analyze and give your own views and reasons.
I always got good responses when I gave my opinions on topics after examining them my own way.We can obviously write good posts by writing on multiple topics but focusing on the same readers.You may surely go for movie reviews or your personal outlook to the result of a cricket match as you give an opportunity to your readers to think in a different way  on their familiar topics which had been left under discussed by others.

6.Write as if interacting 
You are always more convincing when you are face to face with someone than on papers. Hence, I try to write my posts in a very interacting manner as if I am verbally talking to them. I always try to share my feelings and experiences with them as if I'm chatting to them in a quite friendly language and tone. I do advise them as friends and try to be answerable to all their queries and quests. It gives me eternal peace and happiness when readers come to sort out their doubts by commenting on the post. Now I can sense my post is appealing and good.

I crossed over a dilemma if a content was to be claimed good to a blogger or a reader. Finally I ended up with reader and went for my heading.So all of us should stress upon our readers' feedback while deciding a post good or not. Blog is a place to share our knowledge The more we share, the more they're unique, more will be our readers.I hope I could define a good post as I perceive. Each one of you must be having your own notions. Its good if you have your own opinions till it doesn't collide with the readers' likes and interests..

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