Sunday, March 6, 2011

Traffic Count is Dangerous in Initial Stage

Everytime you open your browser, you straightly go to your stat page for viewing your daily traffic. It's a Bad Idea!

Monthly Traffic
I agree, Traffic Checking is very helpful because it shows us the improvement of our blog, but if you have a new blog then i'll suggest you not to view your stat everyday.

Checking Traffic Stat Daily can effect your Blogging Health.
Ya, it's true...

Human heart is full of emotions. And if you don't see any good result of your hard work, it can ruin your mind.

Actually, what i want to say is that, if you keep checking your stat daily right from the initial blogging stage. You'll not find any big change in the flow of traffic because months of hard work is very needed for gaining thousands of traffic. Just Keep in Mind "Rome was not Build in a Day".

As i told, Checking Traffic Stat Daily can effect your Blogging Health because when you check your stat daily & you don't find sufficient flow of traffic as you expected, it can hurt your enthusiasm of blogging.

# it can lead to end up your blogging activity.
# can make you forget the correct path of the online success.
# can even make you to do spamming for getting traffic... Oh! i hate it! }:(

So, What to do?
Actually, i suggest you to check the traffic on monthly basis. It shows thousands of traffic experienced by the blog through out the month.. It gives a sense of success for gaining thousands of traffic in a month.

Let us assume, you get 150 visitors & 400 views per day and in the end of each month, you'll see 4500 unique visitors & 12000 views at once. It looks great! Isn't it?

It helps in..
# helps in comparing the monthly traffics.
# you can even release your monthly traffic report in your blog.

So, remember... Do check your stat on monthly basis for better experience.

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