Monday, March 7, 2011

Investigate problems that you and your readers deal with..

When you are writing for your readers, always keep in mind, they are not visiting your blog merely to verify how well you write.

Everyone has his own motive of reading your blog.

Now the question arises, how to live up to their expectations and needs.

I’ll suggest you to try solving their problems as much as you can.

This is the key, all the top bloggers incorporate in their daily blogging schedule.

Not Enough??? Then see why?!
· When you are solving your readers’ problems, you create your better impression on people, that you are writing to help them, to assist them at a point.

If you have a unique and effective solution to them, you may get a loyal reader for sure.

· On answering to questions of your viewers, you influence them to tell others which gets you more questions to answer and even more and more traffic.

Solve!! How??
Ø To make your reader’s conception clear, your need to make yourself well cultivated about that particular topic.

So solve your own problems @the latest.

The best way is to write a post regarding your own problems and how you got through them.

Ø You may face difficulties in your initial stages, not getting enough questions.

In this stage, go to any popular search engine, type words like, “How”, “Where”, “What” and see what are the popular questions running in people’s minds.

Track the ones which you can answer in your blog and immediately go for them.

Ø Carefully examine your internal searches, i.e. what your readers are searching in your blog and when they are going back with few or no results.

You may use Lijit on your sidebar in place of your default search box. This search engine tracks the popular searches on your blog.

Ask Readers! What problems they face?
The best way to prove your accountability to your readers is to directly ask them to post their questions.

This makes them free to give you a response.

You may:-
§ Create a post quite appealing and asking for questions.

§ Regularly send e-mails to people who comment on your blog ending with,

“If you have any doubt or query, feel free to ask us.”

§ Design a questionnaire in the virtue of your survey form.

§ Use social media to influence readers in your community to share their Q’s and probes with you.

If possible answer them and there only. Don’t condition them to visit your blog to get their answers but answer them in a manner so that they won’t stop themselve seeing your blog.

Keep in mind, until and unless you communicate individually with your readers you won’t be able to satisfy their zeal.

You have to be an online tutor, not just a journalist to speak one way or the other.

You may have to answer hundreds of comments a day!

The way to handle it is to interact tactfully.

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