Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sneeze Page when completely out of ideas.

Wait! Wait!! Wait!!!

Don’t follow the heading and spoil your diary, not your computer screen at least.

The meaning of a sneeze page, not as humorous as the title suggests, is a page that propels your readers in different directions deep into your blog by highlighting your golden written earlier.

It happens sometimes that you sit to write and get into a black-out kind of situation.

To maintain your regularity, a tendency develops in you to force topics and anyhow manage to finish your post and keep your blog updated.

Don’t do that! Even one bad impression can also affect your loyal readers’ perception about your blog.

You may ask now,

“Then shall I sit idle?”

No! When you are totally out of ideas, you may try something unusual but worth for your blog.

Here comes the concept of a sneeze page.

Why a Sneeze page?
· It acts as an index to your archive. It makes the readers go through your post for a long time.
· Search engines scan the links people post in a blog as well its internal links.
Linking to your old posts will make your rank grow exponentially.

· It makes your blog cohesive and the readers when find 10 greatest posts that you’ve written have a much greater probability of returning to your blog the next day.

Sneeze Pages like???
There are some types of sneeze pages to consider for your reference. Let us explore them.
Ø In a themed sneeze page, all the posts revolve around a single theme e.g. suppose you run a tech blog. Choose a theme say, Mobile OS, then you may highlight,

Types of OS

Benefits of Aneroid

Why use Symbian?

and stuff like that.

Ø Another way is to group the best posts of a particular time interval. As you may give a heading,

“Top 3 posts of February”

Ø Another way is to write a series sneeze page, selecting a common heading and merging all the posts to a single one for the whole theme.

It is just assembling and unifying multiple posts to a common one for a particular theme.

This method works commendably on some kind of readers who when see diversified and numerous posts on a single topic falls in a dilemma, which one to choose and finally ends up to none of the many.

Sneeze pages are effective only when you propagate them properly.

Put it on your sidebar or name it as,

“More on this” at the end of your killer posts, so that the readers easily navigate into your sneeze page.

“Sneeze louder! Let everyone hear!!”

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