Thursday, March 10, 2011

Display your perceptions! Be a blogger, not a reporter!!!

It is an accepted fact that you’ll find innumerable bloggers writing the same thing or on the same theme as you.

What makes you special is your opinion, conception and conclusions regarding what you write.

While 1000 bloggers of your own niche will be reporting current news updates not a minute late than their occurrence.

If you just add up your views on the same you’ll surely end up in gaining much more links and readers as you will be going way beyond newspapers who simply make their readers evidence the situation and ask them to use their own eyes and brains to perceive.

To be different from those BBC guys, besides showing them the situation, make them feel and understand its significance and sensibility.

Time to create an opinion post…..
· When you are writing about politics, just add two or three lines about your concurrence or disagreement to the same.

· If you write about a cell-phone, don’t just explain its internal parts and configuration like a sales guy or an electronic engineer.
“Keep in mind that there are a lot of engineers in the world who can explain better than you and ironically there are even more mobile lovers who have nothing to do with the science related to it.”

So, change your mind and suggest or write to those who’s be going to be the most beneficial by the release of the cell handset and how they can make a better use of its additional features according to you.

· Suppose you write about a celebrity, her new startling looks then besides describing what she looks like, always add a paragraph about how she looks now better or worse to you.

· If your blog is about music, then after sharing the new albums, write a note on the songs you like the most in the album and why???

Opinions matter, whatever you write……..
· Some of you might be saying that your niche doesn’t allow you to share your opinions,

e.g. when you are on a tech post.

Don’t let this conception of yours give you a set back.
Trust me! Do add your opinions regularly. They’ll surely have a significant impact.

· “Share your views! Inspire others to share their own…”

If you put up strong and perfect comment on a sensitive issue, it may linger to prolonged conversations.

Now, hope I need not tell you how many subscribers you’ll get if this really happens.

· It will prove your enthusiasm about blogging and paint you in front of your readers as ‘a blogger by heart.

It is really seductive, mind me, readers will drain into your blog.

You still have time to distinguish yourself from journalists and your blog from a daily bulletin.

Be a blogger! Not a reporter!!

Why not enjoy your freedom??????

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