Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Red Alert! Monitor what’s going on in your Niche.

Blogging is not an all day consuming stuff even if you are a full time blogger.

There are a number of jobs that you can select for your leisure hours to supplement your blogging.

Spend considerable time on watching, reading and listening to others views and opinions on their respective blogs and social media.

Why set up alerts for my blog?
  • The prime reason is getting ideas which our bloggers often fall short of.
  • Keeping yourself updated about what others are writing about you gives you an endless account of ideas for your posts as well as helps you to guess the temperature of your niche at any point of time.
  • Being aware of latest happenings always help you to make your readers know what’s happening around them.
    It is an efficient way to get the news updates while the blogs you read make the investments to get them.
  • Being well fed regarding your field helps you in profile building as a number of bloggers and Twitter users built their profiles just clicking on the pulse of their niche and linking to other useful content on other sites.
  • Using some alert tools below your blog’s homepage enables you to know who is talking worth about your blog and thereby helps you to make connections and build relationships with people.
  • Gain reputation by knowing what positive and negative things are going out in the minds of readers.
    Hasten more the positive ones and try to rectify the negative ones if you feel a need to do so.
How and where to set up alerts?
# Technorati Watchlists is very similar to Google Alerts and it feeds your mentions of certain words on blogs.

# Twitter Alerts include Monitter(live monitoring), Twendz(RSS feed for any keyword), Twitter Search (monitor and respond to twitter queries)

If you have more, go for our Comment box and share them with us.

Ø Google News and Blog Alerts enables you to choose to be alerted particularly about specific categories or for all of them through e-mail or RSS feed at your selected intervals

e.g. weekly, daily, hourly etc.

Alerts are of two types:-
# The first one is Industry words having words relevant to your niche.

e.g. You are writing about technology, while words like i-phone, computer, Nintendo may give you an alert.

# The latter one is Vanity Alerts informing you about words relevant to your personality, e.g. your name, blog’s name, company name, brand names and URL’s.

“So be alert! Be great!!”

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