Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Freshen your blog with warm ideas!

It has become a challenge to the bloggers, not to come up with fresh content for months.
Today we are up to you with a set of completely new out-of-the blue techniques to get ideas for every post you write.

The ecstasy of this is that you finally build up a momentum of writing your posts which will relate your older ones and give a direction to your blog rather than puzzle it around everything.

Shall I start now?
Surely, grab a whiteboard, a tablet or your laptop and draw five circles amidst your page
Source: 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Time to remember your old ones…
Think for a moment to grasp brainstorming ideas to extend your previous posts:-
Done! Now:-
  • Pull out a question or idea asked by a reader in the comments of your earlier post.
  • Dig out the opposite viewpoint from the post.
  • Select a news post and write your opinions about it.
  • Study in detail, theories about a process and set up an algorithm guiding and inspiring people to follow that process.
    e.g. there are a lots of handcrafts and paper crafts like origami (making beautiful figures out of coloured paper). Suppose you read what is the logic behind those structures somewhere else. You may easily teach that to your readers if your blog is about art and craft.
  • Expand upon ideas glossed over clearing the previous posts.
A better approach for Novices
  • New bloggers, instead of making those five circles, make them categories that you are planning to cover up in your blog.
  • Thereby you can make flow charts. Suppose your blog is about mutual fund investments. Then you may dissect out sub topics as:-
    and many more.
  • This way you can make a word document of ideas saved on your desktop which you can easily browse while starting to write.

    Click them whenever you need but be consistent in writing your posts.

“Ideas are flying in the air. You just need to catch one in your palm!”

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Devesh said...

Great Post. These are some fantastic ways to get blog post ideas.

Another great way to find blog posts ideas is social networking sites like Blokube, Digg, SU etc.

Btw. You're doing great work here. Thanks to Arjit for submitting this great post on

Have a great weekend.


Arijit said...

@Devesh Thanks! for your comment... Actually, this article is written by the Editor of this Blog "Souvik". We both Write over this blog but maximum of the writings are of Souvik.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying the worth submitted articles on "Blogging" over Blokube. I must appreciate that you've created a great Site for the Bloggers like us. :-)