Monday, February 28, 2011

Entitle yourself to a Forum and participate

A forum is a gathering of people on the web having some kind of similarity in occupation, hobbies or agreements on a particular issue.

Join a forum that relates to the theme topic of your blog.

Avail around 10-15 minutes participating in it.

You may be questioning yourself that where will you find a gathering of all the master bloggers in your niche……

Forums are appropriate places to satisfy your zeal…
  • Devoting consistent time into a large forum builds you a prominent figure in your niche.
  • Creating values makes you a useful resource in the forum where people come to know about you through signature or profile page.
    And after all you are always free to share your post links.
  • Starters may explore the hidden benefit of joining a forum as it proves to be a fertile land to cultivate your skills from potential readers’ quest.
    You will be better familiar with the demands of blog readers.
    A great arena of conversation with people, motivate them to visit your blogs.
  • You may face similar questions again and again.
  • Keep yourself calm! Play smart dude!!!
    Give a link to your blog for frequently asked questions and their answers.
  •  Of course, forums give you an inspiration to continue with your blogging as some big readers also share their achievements and experience of blogging.
Some tips to operate multiple forums:-
  • Open “all tabs” in your windows and start giving quick answers to each question individually.
  • Emphasize on how many answers do you give or how many readers to you reach rather than on what answers you give.
  • If you really want to stay on top of the forum conversations, subscription to key threads and areas is the best way to stay abreast of the new.
“Remember, your priority will be answering questions, making connections and gradually becoming an active member of the forum and NOT to share your links !!!”

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