Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Manufacture an Editorial Calendar!

This is all about being in a discipline regarding your blogging.

I believe that by preparing an editorial calendar for your blog will definitely keep you in the right track and routine you to write periodically and thereby achieve your daily target everyday.

Pick up the list that you made yesterday and plan up your posting schedule or calendar for next week.

Saturday or Sunday may suit you the most to accomplish this job.

But how to develop a weekly calendar???
  •  Compute the number of posts you wish to write the commencing week.
  •  Make a spreadsheet or Excel Document table having slots for each post and the corresponding dates on which you plan them to write.
  •  List out ideas previously conquered by you and place them to the empty slots of the table.
    You may often face a situation where your new post ideas may make good follow-ups to those you are planning at the moment.
    Slot them too!
  •  Make a wide coloumn laterally beside the post slot, where you may write a sentence or two to remind you later about the idea was for.
    Select some main points about those posts, but better will be some examples, illustrations or pictures added earlier, which may visualize you the post when you attempt to write it.

A better idea…
# Come up with a weekly rhythm of posting your blog.
e.g. Monday for list posts, Tuesday for link posts and so on……….

Assign a variable type of post each day and stick to that rhythm over a long time.

This is one of the elementary technique of print media like newspapers!

# Developing an editorial calendar gives you a scope to cover up a variety of topics and give new dimensions to your blog.

# Intervene in your style of writing !

Throw in review, a “how to” tutorial, a list post, an interview, or a humourous piece.

Adding up an editorial calendar brings up variations in your writing style too.

# Take it as diary writing or just a routine which you make for your other works.

I’m sure by following this, you’ll grab the most vital key for blogging, i.e. regularity or consistency.

That is how you may obviously become a great blogger!!!

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