Friday, March 11, 2011

Comment on other blogs. Don’t be a SPAMMER!!!

To instigate a conversation with the readers of other blogs whom you wish to migrate to your one, the best option according to me is to leave a comment on the blogs they read & are interested in it.

Especially when you are a beginner, you need a start from some popular blogs of your niche.

Dragging traffic is not an easy job.
You’ve to motivate people with satisfactory reasons, why to visit your blog? What is the ‘X’ factor which is not there in the blogs which they will be following at that time.

For doing this you have to start interacting with the readers on other blogs and slowly but tactically divert them to your own blog.

Hardly 10-20 minutes! Not more than that. Read others’ comments and go through the important discussions.

Comment?? Why???
There are lots of advantages if you leave a comment:-
· You’ll get to know, what other of your niche bloggers are up to.
· Going to leave a comment virtually focuses your eyes upon the contents of the blog.
It may give births to some fantastic ideas in your mind.
· Legitimate and useful comments may end up in a relationship between you and some of the great bloggers in the web.
· Commenting on other blogs, indirectly opens up a gateway to the readers for them to migrate to your blog some or other day.
· It gains you reputation in your niche and shows your level of maturity and perception of the topics you write on.

What to Comment?
· Frame your comments staying in the topic only. Don’t go beyond it or write rubbish.
· Write in the virtue of a regular reader and use words to show that you are writing your opinion about the post written on the blog.
· Write what you like or don’t like about the post. What you’ll recommend to rectify?
· Point on an issue, the blogger might have missed to add in his post.
· Ask a question, be sure it should strike the minds of other readers also.
· Be watchful while adding links of your blog.

Take care that it must direct to a post on your blog which is relevant or complimentary to the one written in the blog where you are posting your comments.



Don’t even pretend to be like that.

Many people think, what they comment is authentic, appropriate and genuine but it clearly appears as a spam.
Great post! -

This might look a short cut and tricky one to divert readers to your blog but actually it adds a meagre value to you and your blog.

No one’s going to click on your link until he is interested to know who the spammer is!

So don’t be in a hurry! You are not missing your train!

Find interest in commenting and discussing other blog posts and gradually you’ll develop a fair profile amongst readers.

Don’t ask readers to come! Inspire them to do so, persuade them,

“Why you? Not others!”

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