Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why you should read others’ blogs?

It so happened that you are blogging for a prolonged period with few or no subscribers to your site.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that your ideas and writing skills are not meeting the criterion of a blogger!

Just as in every field, there is a master, and every artist big or small has his role model, whom they follow to learn something.

In blogging you just need to read other blogs which are going well in the market to gain some keys of success.

It doesn’t make you inferior or tend you to copy but learn from all the good things around you.

And after all we are there to assist you:-

Browse a successful blog in your niche….
In this vast era of world wide web, you won’t find yourself alone writing about any topic or such.

There are already numerous bloggers concerned about the same topic.

What may be different is your approach and viewpoint.

You need to select the best one and stick to it on a regular basis, whichever you like.

Not much!! But 15 minutes to analyze!

Regarding the content, you may notice,
  • The topics covered by them.
  • The related topics, they are ignoring.
  • Their body language of posts.
  • Their post frequency. How often they are adding an article?
  • Their level of writing, amateur, expert or whatsoever depending upon the ease to understand their articles.
Now, look at the feedback section and notice,
  • The topics igniting most critical conversations and make a note of them.
  • The styles of posts most appreciated by the public.
  • The questions or rather type of questions mostly asked by the readers in comments.
  • The kind of complaints the readers make.This is the area to hit. Solve them in your blog to divert traffic.
  • The social forums like RSS or twitter whichever they use.

The design of a hit blog must be interesting.
  • See the basic framework of their design.
  • Find out its defects and area where readers might get confused. Avoid these in your design.
  • The options provided to the subscribers to subscribe.
If the blog is the best then it earns a lot, so
  • Note the advertisers targeting the blog.
  • The types of lateral programmes promoted by them.
Check their traffic levels:-
Alexa or Compete are good sites to get the blog traffic levels of any site.

You can easily get the page views and time spent on each site, sites that link in, bounce rate, geographical status of readers and so on.

Though they are not always accurate!

Regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) its possible to find out the performance of the blog in areas like:-
  • The links to the blog using
  • You can know how they’d set up their site using their source code.
  • If the site is open or unlocked you may easily get to know, which pages are opened mostly, where from their incoming traffic comes.
An important tip to work on successful blogs…

Be regular in reading a particular blog.

You may use RSS subscription.

Analyze their success and failures and how they react to each of them.

Be Cautious !!!
Concentrate on your own blog rather than synchronizing with your competitiors.

Try to be best on your own.

Don’t copy from the other blogs to raise the traffic of your blog. Be unique and be secure from a spam.

Be Positive and negative!
Look for the best in the blog you read. Try to incorporate the same in your blog.

At the same time find out their deficits.

Since you are working on the same aspect, you may add the things not in the best blogs to gain widespread traffic.

This is called critical appreciation of a blog.

On the following methods you can easily relive from the anxiety of your blog not able to meet aspired traffic.

You will soon get your readers!

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