Friday, February 25, 2011

One Electronic mail! And thousands of readers at your door

Unbelievable!!! An e-mail can expand your blog to innumerable readers before dropping your eyelids…

C’mon! Lets see how do it works ???

Compose a mail for a reader or more!!!

# Treat every individual reader specially and email each one of them.
Lots of chances! They’ll return to your blog and perhaps also spread the news of your blog via your network.

# Hit the ones in your target!
First approach the most recent comments left on your blog and select fresh readers to shoot an email thanking them for their comments.

# Post a link back to your blog in the mail you send relevant to their comment, and thereby lingering the discussion initiated by them.

# Point them to your RSS feed anyway by congratulating them in your mail for been selected as your loyal reader.

3 more suggestions for a better impression!

# Check out comments for the links of readers’ respective blogs. Visit them and leave a comment.
“Don’t forget to paste your link or it will be worthless typing a comment.”

# Search for ID’s of persons (celebs and alike) well off in sites like twitter having a remarkable number of followers and email them to propagate your blog. You may easily get a good fraction of their followers.

# Respond to comments on your blog using emails and try to drag the readers to your other posts.

The best way to prove your blog a responsive and living one rather than pages of a speechless book.

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