Friday, February 25, 2011

Generous? Link to other Blogs!

One day I faced a query, “How to build a readership on my first blog?”

The only answer that could come out of my mouth was to link to other blogs.

It’s a tradition!
A writer used to write a post and link it to hundreds that were connected to the essence of the article in some or other way.

Was it worthy?
  • Ideas scattered way the blogosphere randomly.
  • Bloggers across the world writing on the same issue got connected.
  • Mutual interdependence filtered out the probability of hindrance in traffic of any of the blogs.
Why did this happen?
  • It is always an ease for the readers to navigate to details on some typical phrases and words that you use in your blog.
  • Highlighting other blogs brings out your credibility and your publicity in the blogosphere.
  • It gains you a worldwide reputation.
  • Connecting with other bloggers helps you to work out ideas and often adds value to your ongoing conversation.
  • SEO’s are there to grab some useful keywords that you link and see you aware of popular posts. Your blog will easily get a hike to a great extent and prove that you are worthy.
Track Related Blogs!
  • Get subscriptions to other blogs writing the same as you.
  • Eye upon the social bookmarking sites covering topics in your industry.
  • Entitle to news alerts like Google Alerts, Mashable News etc.
“Remember, link only after analyzing the page where you are making your reader to navigate. A poor quality page navigation can soil down your blog’s impression……………”

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