Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to write an Elevator Pitch?

After writing pages and pages, sometimes it becomes difficult to give a title or write a summary.

The same is in the case of blogs! Getting an efficient elevator pitch often disturbs your mind to a great extent.

Here are some keys to write your elevator pitch. Go through them:-

Solve a Problem or Need
Try to start giving solutions to people’s problems, not on global level which may appear as a lecture rather. Choose topics that people meet with in their day-to –day lives as

“Bored from studies??? Open the internet and……………………………………”

Define your Audience
Specify your viewers’ category. Target your readers and write for them only.

Mention the type of your viewers in the pitch, whom for your blog is and why they should view your blog !

Be confident! Be clear!!
Don’t spare people a second guessing what you are trying to say……

Your elevator pitch should be simple and clear.

It may contain some tricky words but at the end its meaning should be clear to everyone.

Remember, you are new ! You won’t get so much time out of your viewer’s schedule. So don’t make them think too much.

Make it brief
People have limited capacity, attention and time. So, make sure your elevator pitch is short and effective.

Use Intrigues:-
Elevator pitch should be a decorative gateway to your blog. It should encourage people to read your blog more…..

You should not fill it up with matters as such, but it should contain something that stays in the mind of people who may hear it in future from some other sources.

Try Questions
People are easily coiled by questions rather then descriptions.

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