Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ways to Keep a Regular Blog Posting Frequency

The problem with most of the bloggers is their failure to keep their blogs updated. The moment one updates his blog the search engines crawl in and he gets traffic from all over the world.

But some beginners and even mature bloggers find it difficult to update at a point of time. Here are some keys for our bloggers to try to be up to date with their posts:-

Plan your Articles
Some of the bloggers are very irregular in writing. Some day they are writing 3 posts, the other day not even one depending upon their mood.

Though it will be effective if you plan before writing. You may write 3 articles a week or the same in a day also but set a target and go for it.

And when you finish, don’t write anymore. It creates complacency and unwillingness to write anymore.

Write when you get Time
In this busy life it becomes quite difficult for a person to be regular with his topics.

But if we can collect some time that we merely waste on thinking and doing unnecessary things usually on holidays and weekends, we can easily manage our articles.

Just you need to shift a more no. of articles from your weekday schedule to your weekend one.

I’m sure it will help you a lot as you will be able to compensate for your weekdays.

Preset Your Topics
If you are free now, and you have to write tomorrow, try out thinking topics from now only.

It prepares you well as well as saves your time. If you devote more time on thinking the quality of your writing, it will gradually be upgraded.

Write whenever you wish to
A blogger is no less than a poet or a writer. So, it is always allowed for him to write without digging ideas. Whenever he feels confident about something he should blog it. It seems quite natural and has most of chances to gain popularity amongst his viewers.

He grows more enthusiasm in this way as he feels no barriers to write. It increases fluency and frequency of his writing.

Schedule your Posts
It's always better to ensure the next days’ post. As there are some routine viewers, so not to upset them you should always schedule your articles one or two days before so that all of a sudden your blog doesn’t fall short of articles in case you fail to write some day out of an emergency. This in any way may upset your regular viewers.

It is just like finishing your homework a day before…..

Hope my ideas will help you to maintain your blog posting frequency.

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